Don't be Beirendonckulous

This is a little retrospective of Walter Van Beirendonck, a Belguim born designer. The fashion world needs people like this bearded and albeit mad man.
He has a sense of humour and basically takes the piss out of the fashion industry, in a nice, colourful way. He takes a lot of inspiration from people or parts of people - including willies (always a winner). Beirendonck is mostly known for his menswear; it's a shame he doesn't do more womenswear. We want in on the willy action too. 
Here's some of his stuff you can buy and then some older stuff to look at.
£55 Walter Van Beirendonck from www.thecorner.com
WVB S '12
WVB S '12
WVB S '12
WVB S '12 (style.com)

WVB S '12 (style.com)

Cant wait to see Primark's knock-offs. LOLZ.

The 'spare-tyre' gone right. 

Starting September 14 through February 2, 2012, Antwerp's MOMU fashion museum will host "Dream the World Awake," Van Beirendonck's first retrospective.

Above: Just the sunglasses...

'Walter's Wild Knights' installation - a video collaboration between Nick Knight's SHOWstudio, Simon Foxton and Walter Van Beirendonck, using archive shoot images. Photography: Boy Kortekaas

Beirendonck's own chest sweater. 

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